Spontaneous NPS: Substantial Metrics Beyond Traditional NPS

Big Data’s analytical power has revolutionized data analytics technology, sharply influencing business results. By ensuring fast and simultaneous processing of a large amount of data, Big Data enables this information to be translated efficiently and effectively, helping to implement new practices within corporations. This success lies in the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures customer satisfaction, recommendation and loyalty from the analysis of structured internet data.

NPS answers the question: “How likely are you to recommend our brand to a friend?”. The answer also serves to compare the performance of different areas of a company, paving the way for more specific customer experience questions and other timely actions to improve service processes. The question classifies customers into three groups: detractors, passives and promoters. Depending on the percentage of each, the NPS score is obtained. However, Spontaneous NPS proposes a further assessment.

S-NPS collects and analyzes spontaneous comments – so-called unstructured data – and integrates them with Databases (fan pages, social networks, client support emails, internal databases, e-commerce reviews, among others). This new KPI identifies a brand’s spontaneous recommendation rate, scientifically consolidating a score that identifies, in the comment itself already posted on the Internet or from internal bases, a level of satisfaction and recommendation that until then was only achieved from the “Ultimate Question” of NPS.

The key is to apply our Artificial Intelligence that automatically assigns a grade from 0 to 10 to the texts and ranks them in the NPS recommendation index zones.

In addition, established business management frameworks are used to deliver consolidated results in our platform. The result? Strategic insights into spontaneous unstructured content from the internet to further qualify CX management.


  1. Eliminates NPS questionnaires;
  2. Interprets unstructured data such as texts and audios;
  3. Identify the customer journey in Big Data;
  4. Promotes insights through data mining;
  5. Strategically leverages email from “Contact Us”;
  6. Identifies continuous improvement KPIs.

Postmetria is the first Brazilian web platform for monitoring Spontaneous NPS from spontaneous comments on the Internet and internal bases. In an increasingly connected and informed consumer market, customer feedback can boost or destroy a brand’s reputation. Take advantage of S- NPS to nurture it!